Was there an MI-18?

There is evidence to suggest that British Military Intelligence did engage in anti-Nazi occult activity. The initial work appears to have been undertaken by elements of MI-5, MI-6 and Naval Intelligence and only later formalised into a unit. There were two thrusts to the work.

1.) Use of occult knowledge to create bogus counter-intelligence

2.) Occult activity to counter Nazi occult activity.

To this end British Intelligence recruited many occultists into its ranks because to utilise specialist knowledge and skills. This recruitment was nothing new, the infamous occultist, Aleister Crowley, had worked for MI6 during World War I and after in the 1920s and 1930s. Crowley continued to work for British Military Intelligence in WW2.

Another recruit was German born Louis de Wohl. Denied for years, his work was finally admitted in 2008 when classified documents were released by the British Government. De Wohl worked on astrological
projections and rose to the rank of Captain within British Military Intelligence.

The assistant director of Naval Intelligence during the war was Lt. Commander Ian Fleming RN, best known later as a thriller writer and the creator of the famous fictional spy James Bond 007. Fleming was also interested in astrology and numerology. He was friend of Crowley.

There are some documented examples of British Military Intelligence deploying agents to frustrate and confound Nazi plans.

1.) Use of occult knowledge to create bogus counter-intelligence

The Hess Trap

Mystery surrounds the circumstances of the Deputy Fuehrer's capture in Scotland. With the passage of time, the full extent of this bizarre episode has dulled but it was the most extraordinary event. For some reason the second in command of the Third Reich, Rudolf Hess, took it upon himself to pilot a plane to enemy territory and parachute out!

There is evidence that Hess was tricked by an elaborate British trick that relied upon Hess's occult beliefs and own self-importance. Ian Fleming was inspired by a novel written by his brother, Peter, called Flying Visit (Jonathan Cape 1940) in which Hitler’s plane crash-lands in England and the Fuehrer is captured. Ian, collaborated with his brother who also worked for both MI5 and the propaganda section of the Special Operations Executive.

They chose Rudolf Hess, because he was a supporter of peace with Britain and was an occultist under the influence of astrologers and occultists. It was believed this could be used against him.

They used bogus astrological predictions combined with political intelligence. Hess was persuaded that the Duke of Hamilton, was willing to negotiate peace terms on behalf of thea pro German British 'peace party' . Ian Fleming commissioned an astrologer to produce a faked astrological forecast indicating that 10 May 1941 would be a propitious date for Rudolf Hess to fly to Scotland and meet secretly with the Duke of Hamilton and other members of the so-called British ‘peace party’.

Hess saw himself in the role of a messianic hero saving Germany from possible future defeat by making peace with the British. The reports reaching the deputy fuehrer about the political situation in England and the astrological aspects convinced Hess that his mission would be a success.

Hess' close friend and personal astrologer, Ernst Schulte Strathaus, advised Hess that on May 10, 1941, there would be an arrangement of six planets in Taurus, and a full moon directly opposite Taurus. At the same time Hitler’s chart showed ‘malefic’ astrological aspects.
This auspicious arrangement was to signal important and long-lasting changes in the world, which Hess construed to mean the allying of England and Germany and world hegemony.

So it was that Rudolf Hess flew to Scotland on 10 May 1941 expecting to be met by the Duke of Hamilton and whisked off to London for a private audience with King George VI. He had been convinced by the misinformation fed to him by British Intelligence that these three men represented a genuine peace movement capable of removing the warmonger Churchill and agreeing to German terms. Hess had also previously met the Duke of Windsor when he had visited Berlin before the war.

Instead of meeting pro-Nazi aristocrats and royals when he landed, Hess was captured by a local farmer and a Home Guard unit and handed him over to the police for interrogation by MI5 and Aleister Crowley.

The Counter Nostradamus Campaign

Another leading occultist was Josef Goebbels who became obsessed with the predictions of Nostradamus. Goebbels employed Karl Ernst Krafft, an astrologer who was extremely well versed in Nostradamus, and was an enthusiastic Nazi party supporter.

As any serious scholar will know, Nostradamus wrote in a deliberately obscure manner making it possible to apply many different interpretations. Goebbels and Kraft got very excited about one prediction which they believed was about Great Britain and foretold great misfortune. In fact there is no mention of Britain…just 'islands' but that didn't matter.

In the islands shall be so horrid tumults,
That nothing shall be heard but a warlike surprise,
So great shall be the insult of the robbers,
That everyone shall shelter himself under the great look.

Goebbels ordering the printing of leaflets containing the Nazi version of Nostradamus’ prophecies and theseThese leaflets were then dropped out of German aircraft over France in advance of German army to demoralise both the French army and the civilians.

British Intelligence responded with its own astrological interpretations and produced their own set of Nostradamus prophecies which were printed and dispersed throughout the Nazi Reich and occupied territories.

2.) Occult activity to counter Nazi occultists.

Operation Mistletoe - the Hess Trap

There was allegedly another aspect to the Hess Trap that went beyond just tricking the Deputy Fueher to Britain. Crowley claimed to have been asked by British Military Intelligence to create the occult conditions that would 'mesmerise' Hess. The project was called 'Operation Mistletoe' and required a druid-type ceremony in a forest clearing at night with special attention to a variety of astrological, astronomical factors as well as the precise latitude and longitude degrees and measurements.

Crowley chose a clearing in Ashdown Forest in Sussex and informed the authorities that in addition to his initiates, he required the participation of numerous 'helpers' to provide energy. Military Intelligence arranged for British and Canadian troops to participate in conditions of strict secrecy.

On the night, the troops were assembled, given rune covered robes to wear over their uniforms and organised into a two-tiered circle. In the centre of the circle was a throne and tied to it was a mannequin, dressed in the uniform of Rudolph Hess.

The outer circle began to slowly move in the direction of the sun, whilst the inner circle moved against it, thereby forming two spinning circles going in opposite directions. Chanting, they linked arms and the pace quickened. At Crowley's command the crowd would stop and face inwards. This process was repeated over so that the runes stitched onto the robes spelt a different set of messages aimed towards the mannequin of Rudolph Hess.

The Frat­ernity of the Inner Light - The Astral Battle of Britain (Remote Viewing)

One of Alestair Crowley's associates was a lady called Dion Fortune. We know she met Crowley at Hastings in the run-up to WW2. She led an astral campaign against the Nazi occultists which she documented in a series of letters to her fellow astral combatants throughout Great Britain.

In an echo of that great conflict in the skies above Britain, she called her war, "the Magical Battle of Britain: magician and writer Dion Fortune. She set about recruiting an 'army' of initiates from her HQ in Bayswater, London into the The Frat­ernity of the Inner Light.

Using imagery of historical British icons the initiates attempted to create powerful avatars centred on King Arthur, Merlin, the Holy Grail and the Archangel Michael by tapping into the leylines that cross Glastonbury.

Once ready, the initiates were sent instructions by letter: "Having studied the letter, take your seat if poss­ible in a quiet, dimly lit room secure from disturbance; face towards London; sit in such an attitude that your feet are together and your hands clasped, thus making a closed circuit of yourself. Your hands should rest on the weekly letter lying on your lap, for these letters will be consecrated before they are sent out in order that they may form a link."

“Let us meditate upon angelic Presences, red-robed and armed, patrolling the length and breadth of our land. Visualise a map of Great Britain, and picture these great Presences moving as a vast shadowy form along the coasts, and backwards and forwards from north to south and east to west, keeping watch and ward so that nothing alien can move unobserved."

Fortune talked of a Nazi fifth column of occultists and urged her initiates to go on the attack. The Order found themselves in the middle of ‘astral plane’ battles, or entering the head­quarters and bedrooms of leading Nazis and performing magical attacks on them.

Of course such stuff might sound nonsense except in the 1970's it transpired that the Soviet Union was engaged in such activity against the West. A disbelieving CIA staff became convinced the phenomena of astral projection was real. Admiral Stansfield created a top secret operation to train US military personnel in what the CIA termed 'remote viewing'.