Book 1: Who Do You think You Are?

This Section contains information relating to themes and issues of Book 1 of the Inheritance Series. They can be read as stand alone items or in conjunction with the book and do not act as spoilers, although readers may wish to access them as indicated in the book.

The Medallion - Relates to Chapter 1 "First Contact"

A visualisation of the medallion as described in the book and as featured on the cover and contains the relevant quotation.

The Last Will & Testament - Relates to Chapter 3 "Stalker"

A shot of the actual Last Will & Testament as mentioned in the book.

St. Patrick - Relates to Chapter 4 "Celtic Connections"

Information about the non Irish origins of St Patrick which Josh MacMaddock has difficulty believing.

Spontaneous Human Combustion - Relates to Chapter 6 "Burning Questions"

This provides background information about Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) with reference to case studies and theories.

There are two pages: Page 1 & Page 2

The City of Chester - Relates to Chapter 6 "Burning Questions"

This provides background historical and geographical information for readers not familiar with the City.

Snowdonia - Relates to Chapter 7 "Aztec Speculum"

This page provides information about the Snowdonia area of Wales in respect of its place in history and Arthurian Celtic legend.

The Chapel - Relates to Chapter 9 "The Chapel"

A rough visualisation of the Chapel as described in the book.

Dr Dee - Relates to Chapter 14 "Queen Elizabeth's Magus"

Information about the life and role of the strange Dr Dee.

The Anti- Nazi Occult Unit MI-18 - Relates to Chapter 14 "Queen Elizabeth's Magus"

This page provided information about British Military Intelligence units (designated MI) and the activities of British occultists to thwart Nazi threats to Britain and the world in WW2.

The Roman Attacks on Anglesey - Relates to Chapter 21 "The Blood of Allt Goch"

Information about the Roman attempt to destroy the druidic heart of the Celt world in the first century.