Book 2 of the Inheritance Series - due late February 2013

"Kindred Spirits" is the second book of Inheritance Trilogy and resumes with Josh's concerns about the old house he has inherited in Anglesey, Britain.

As time progresses the house starts to reveal its terrifying secrets. Tormented by flashbacks of a hidden ancestral link to an ancient Celtic Order he begins a frantic race to unravel its purpose before ruthless enemies emerge from the past.

So begins an electrifying journey that forces him to confront past lives and to re-trace the steps of the ancient Britons and their link back to America.

Extract from book 2 Inheritance Kindred Spirits

Rounding a corner my flashlight picked up writing carved into the rock of the tunnel.
“What’s that?” whispered Bob.
I played the beam across the smoothened rock face and examined the writing. Lichen covered the surface in patches, masking letters and words. I pulled a ten pence coin from my pocket and used the edge to scrape away the green growth, stepped back and shone the flashlight beam over the exposed rock. Bob started reading in a hoarse and hesitant voice.
“Be warned and commaunded ye who so trespasseth here!
Hither lieth a gate of Samhain, to the otherworlde...”

Julius Caesar meeting
Julius Caesar Quotation

The Celtic Druids teach this: “souls are not annihilated, but pass after death from one body to another, and they hold that by this teaching, men are much encouraged to valor, through disregarding fear of death."

Julius Caesar
– Dictator & Consul of the Roman Republic (100 BC to 44 BC)