Book 3 of the Inheritance Series - due late March 2013

"In Their Bloodied Footsteps " is the third book of Inheritance Trilogy and begins with Josh's realisation that the key to unraveling the mystery lies back in the Americas.

Embracing the primeval knowledge of his lineage Josh MacMaddock must invoke ancient Celtic lore to confront an ancient evil. Josh begins a frantic trek across America searching for the lost Welsh colonies and the entrance to the Celtic otherworlde.

Extract from Book 3

The broadsword captivated me. “The sword,” I mumbled, “it’s beautiful.” I ran my eyes up and down it, not daring to touch, lest it fall from the mannequin’s lifeless grasp. The sword was some four-foot high; the hilt a burnished a dark copper but it was the blade that seduced me: forged from a metal I had not seen before, dull-blue in colour, smooth at the edges but with a mottled, watermarked groove running the length of the blade.
“I call it the Falls of Ohio Sword,” said the Louisville bookkeeper. “Of course, I realise it’s not from here originally, it’s Celtic…it came to these parts long before we modern Americans did.”
His hand gripped my arm. “You know what I’m saying? It predates the Pilgrim Fathers by centuries…the sword is from the Lost Colonies. It lay in a cave, undiscovered for centuries until the War of Independence.”
“The Lost Colonies?” I said.
“Yes…” he whispered.
His hooded eyes met mine and I knew he understood.

Quote from Sir Walter Raleigh

“Whoso desireth to know what will be hereafter, let him think of what is past, for the world hath ever been in a circular revolution; whatsoever is now, was heretofore; and things past or present, are no other than such as shall be again: Redit orbis in orbem.''”

Sir Walter Raleigh

Explorer, & Founder of first British colony in America.