Book 1 of the Inheritance Series

"Who Do You Think You Are?" is the starting point of the Inheritance Trilogy and details the circumstances leading to Josh MacMaddock's inheritance of an old property in Britain. He has never met or even heard of the elderly British relative who bequeaths him the property.

The property lies in Anglesey, an island off the west coast of Britain and once the druidic heart of a Celtic Europe…a kind of college were Druids were initiated into the mysteries and traditions of the Celtic peoples.

In this first Book, Josh discovers his own Celtic roots…a lineage that takes him from New York back to the Anglesey. He soon realises his deceased British relative has a troubling occult background with links to British Military Intelligence in WW2 and is death is anything but natural. Tormented by flashbacks of historical events, he begins to understand his own genetic links to an ancient Celtic Order but what is it's purpose?

It is a start of a journey that takes through history and back to the Celtic settlers of the USA.

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